5 Common Website Security Measures You Should Know

5 Common Website Security Measures You Should Know

Website lays a major role in 21st century business world. You should have proactive security strategy, otherwise business, networks, and other information will be risk. Website security is very important to keep hackers and cyber-thieves away from accessing sensitive information. Importance of website security is increasing rapidly because of increasing the number of website attacks and cyber-attacks. Businesses should know that spam filter and antivirus program are not enough for facing and protecting form the evolving landscape of cyber security threats constantly.

Comprehensive web security is one of the best which includes full suite of tools, to protect against infections of malware, service disruption and data breaches. Moreover, it protects the network, server and email system. Make sure that you have knowledge about pknic domain price and others as well. The different security system for websites are available in good rice and various packages. Domain should be registered for website security and safety.

For the security of the website, no need of big budget to protect websites from the website security vulnerabilities that threaten. You have to adopt proactive approach which involves security measure putting in place.

Updated software:

It is obvious but just ensure you keep all the type of software up to date is vital in keeping site secure. You need security updates for operating system. As the hosting company should care of this. Ensure you that keep your dependencies up-to-date. It uses tools like gymnasium to get notification automatically when a vulnerability is announced.

SQL injection:

Another website security can be done by SQL injection. When an attacker uses a web form field or manipulate database or URL parameter to gain access to. The transact SQL is easy to insert rogue code into enquire that can be used to change tables, get information and delete data.


When a hacker captures any type of data that user submit to a website, then use for own grains, is known as interception. The data can take the form of contact information or sensitive credit card information. Badly, cybercriminals sell the data or purchase of their own. It is very important to secure website with an SSL certificate to protect all sensitive data.

Password attacks:

Many of the hackers guess the password or use different tools and dictionary programs to try different password until get in. key loggings are another kind which is used to gain access to user accounts. Many websites may be lack in strong password security. It means making attempts to log is incredibly easy. Strong and unique password is require. Change password regularly and also require two-step authentication.

Exploring sensitive data:

It is a big failure for security of website is not protecting your sensitive data. Credit card details, passwords, and other sensitive information should never travel or be unencrypted storage. Password should away be hashed. Sensitive data like session IDs and password should not be travel in the URLs.


Websites are backbone of the business. it has all the basic and sensitive information. Check your spam and notifications. There are several software available to protect your websites and keep the information save.

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