5 Best & Most Useful Apps for Android in Your Daily Life

5 Best & Most Useful Apps for Android in Your Daily Life

Are your kids safe with internet-enabled smartphones? Do you know the parental control app is necessary to keep your child secure and holds the foremost position in most useful apps? Kid's safety app is the need of the hour to protect the technospeak children in this tech-centric world.

We have witnessed an evolution of digital technology in the recent decade. Smartphone applications have magnificently simplified our life. Undoubtedly, it has upgraded the way of living.

There are apps for everything - child's safety, education, communication, navigation, information, business, entertainment and much much more. Yet few applications are a must in your smartphone that helps to ease day to day work.

So let's get started with the most useful apps for daily life.

5 Best And Most Useful Apps for Android in Your Daily Life

1.Bit Guardian Parental Control:

We are living in a world filled with screens and technology. With the invention of smartphones, life is much more dependent on it. Even children own a mobile, and at times they outsmart their parents.

Although, the cell phone is necessary for kids, but are they accessing it safely? Do you think teens are secure on the digital platform where cybercrime rate keeps on increasing daily?

So to lessen your worries for your kids, child monitoring apps come in rescue.

Parental controls are software designed to help children in accessing their smartphones by defining reasonable limits. Parents can monitor and control a child's online activities using an Android phone monitoring application.

Bit Guardian is one of the most renowned Android kid's safety apps that enables parents to keep tabs on teen's digital tasks. Its features help children in many ways, like:

  • Time Schedule: It is a very effective and useful tool that enables parents to set the time to provide access to different apps to kids.

It also allows you to set the bedtime for your child, which automatically shut the running app on kid's device.

  • App and Call Blocker: You can block the inappropriate and lucrative apps (social media) to let your kid focus on other activities.

Even block known, unknown or spam callers that you find suspicious on your child's phone.

  • Panic and SOS Alert: During emergencies, you can reach to your kids with just one click of SOS button. You will get a notification and an email alert, and it also busses a loud siren on your phone.

  • GPS: Follow your teens and keep them safe once they are on the road using GPS.

There are other features also of this parental control application that helps your children to use the internet and online platform cautiously and balances their real and virtual life.

As parents, you can keep a check on their online movements (which is essential) on a daily basis.

2. All bank Money Manager, Track Bank balance & Cards:

This is the most useful money management app by Walnut that keeps an eye on your finances and savings. Its features include:

  • Securely tracks all your monthly bills and spending automatically.

  • Tracks monthly ATM withdrawal

  • Checks bank balance

  • Keeps a close watch on bank and credit card dues

  • Allows transferring money using BHIM UPI

  • Supports 40+ bank and card (for India only)

  • Finds ATM and cash near your real-time location, etc

3. Evernote:

Evernote is another must Android application having a cloud-based software service. It is a note-taking app that systematically stores all data.

This app is built for multiple platforms. It is very useful in your daily life and offers various functionalities like:

  • Facilitates to create a personal to-do list for daily activities

  • Gathers, captures and stores every note you made on phone, tablet or computer

  • Plans events like weddings, parties or holidays

  • Syncs all notes automatically across any device. ( tablet, PC or a smartphone)

  • Sets reminder for a to-do list as per your priority

  • Acts as a planner to organize your life with a smart notebook

  • Allows to create smart notes, write journals and memos on the go with easy notepad

There are numerous uses of Evernote for business, education and daily purposes.

4. HealthifyMe: Calorie Counter, Weight Loss Diet Plan:

Fitness is of paramount importance in this hustle and bustle of life, and that's why we have come up with the HealthifyMe application.

This app is specially built for home workouts. Its daily dose features include:

  • Creates a diet chart and meal plan for your health

  • Provides BMI to compare your fitness goal

  • Measures nutrition value of food with calorie calculator

  • Offers personalised weight loss suggestion 24*7

  • Enables to buy 500+ healthy food handpicked by a nutritionist from 15 categories with home delivery

5. AirDroid: Remote access & File:

AirDroid is one of the most useful and popular Android applications that help to access your phone remotely from PC. There is no need to connect your phone with PC to transfer files. It offers various functionalities such as:

  • Remote access and control of cell phone without rooting

  • SMS and contact management

  • Takes backup and syncs photos and videos from mobile to computer

  • Transfer all types of files from any PC, Mac to smartphone remotely

  • Incoming call review function to accept or reject calls from PC

  • Mirror phone notification to reply to any notifications of the phone from desktop.

So grab all these 5 best and most useful applications on your smartphone to make your daily life fit and fine.

However, we recommend downloading at least the parental control app for your child's digital safety and their protection from cyberthreats.

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