4 ways a home inspector can help in stair safety

4 ways a home inspector can help in stair safety

Whether you are buying or selling the house, the home inspectors can help you make the right decision and ensure the safety of the people living in it. They have the right tools and techniques to highlight all the issues of the house. They will inspect all parts and systems of the house. One of the most under looked space in the house is the stairs. They can be the host of many accidents if not catered properly. With the help of qualified home inspectors, you will be able to inspect the stairs in a better way. They will make the structure safe and will inspect the following parameters:

Check the railing:

Railing is one of the most important aspects of the stairs. They can help you get additional support when you are using the stairs. Most indoor stairs have railings. With the help of the home inspectors, you will be able to check the integrity of the railings and ensure safety of the family members. There are different types of railings in the market and the home inspector will also help you select the right one if no railing is installed. You do not have to worry about House Inspection Costs in Fort Lauderdale FL as this small investment will protect you from many accidents.

Measure the stair treads and risers:

The home inspectors will inspect the stair treads and risers to make sure they are safe for usage. According to the studies, the treads have to be 11 inches and the risers should not exceed 7 inches. If the stairs meet these standards, there is less chance for the accidents. People use different type of footwear in the house including heals and loafers and stairs needs to have universal measurements to prevent accidents.

Make sure the stairs are not slippery:

The home inspectors will help you to analyze the slipperiness of the stairs. If the stairs are slippery, it is advised that you install the grip strips to prevent any misfortunate event. The grip strips are not recommended for the wooden stairs so you should look for a carpenter for a viable solution.

Check the lights:

There should be lights in the dark stairs as without proper lightning, the stairs can be very dangerous. You also need to make sure the wall switches are near the stairs as they will be easy to operate.

Improper safety near the stairs can be very fatal and you need to make sure that you invest in the right tools and install the right materials to make the stairs safe for your family members. When you are buying a new home, you can take help from the home inspectors as they can check the integrity of the stairs and help you prevent any accident in the future. They will cater to the above-mentioned points and check the stairs for any issues. With the small investment of home inspection, you will be able to make the stairs and the entire home safe and keep your away from accidents.

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