4 Tips to Choose Best Chiller for Retail Business

4 Tips to Choose Best Chiller for Retail Business

People who are doing retail business should know they must have the chillers in their stores that will allow them to get the perfect display of food items. Actually, these display chillers help retailers to attract more customers and allow them to maintain perfect temperature of food items. Keep in mind that first of all you have to analyse your needs and then decide which type of chiller you actually want to buy. Actually, you should know that there are so many different types of chillers available in the market it will be very hard for you to decide which chiller you want to buy. That’s why here in this article we are discussing about things that you have to consider while buying a best chiller for the retail store.

1. Determine the Size of the Display Chiller:

The first thing that you have to consider while buying the Arneg Praga chiller for your retail store is to analyse the storage capacity of the appliance. Keep in mind that it all depends upon your daily storage needs that will help you to decide which size of display chiller you should buy. Other than that it will be better to measure the space that you have in your store and then accordingly decide about the size of the chiller display that you want to have.

2. Decide the Coolant type and Flow Rate:

Keep in mind that after deciding on the size of the Arneg Praga chiller display now you have to finalize about the temperature and flow rate of the unit. Keep in mind that there are two types of chiller heated units or refrigerated units. So you should choose the one according to a food item that you have to display in it. After deciding, this now you have to determine the coolant, and decide about its targeted temperature range and its flow rate. That will help you to make appropriate choices.

3. Analyse Chiller Installation Environment:

Next most important thing that you must consider while deciding about the Arneg Praga chiller is to identify where you want to install the chiller display. Keep in mind that installation atmosphere in the unit matters a lot in its overall efficiency and performance. Just like we all know that indoor appliances use to face a high range of temperatures and also the dirty atmospheres. As compared to that outdoor appliances use to experience different types of ambient temperatures that might be low or high. So before buying the unit you have to consider temperature ranges.

4. Opt to use Chiller Performance Curves:

The next thing that you can do for selecting the best Arneg Praga chiller model for your retail store is to use chiller performance curves. Keep in mind that in this way you will become able to select the chiller model that will definitely meet or even exceeds the capacity that you need to have. Actually, that's based on providing perfect temperature for chilled water supply and the best ambient air temperature. Keep in mind that you have to consider your safety margin also while buying the unit. As that will help you to get the perfect chiller display in your store.

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