4 Essential Things to Consider Before Designing Your Lash Boxes

4 Essential Things to Consider Before Designing Your Lash Boxes

Focusing closely on the product is a common mistake that many new businesses make as it shifts their attention away from the most important piece of the marketing puzzle—their packaging. However, numerous startups have discovered, effective packaging can be crucial when you want your product to dive off the shelves quickly.

When it comes to designing your custom lash boxes, it’s worth spending your time and money to get it right. Why? For smart business owners, it’s not just a box that should look great. They also think about storing, transporting, increasing the shelf life of the product and whether it meets their target audience’s requirements.

Custom lash boxes wholesale supply that’s bulky or occupies too much shelf space is less likely to sway customers. So as a general rule, businesses must opt for lash boxes that are compact and lightweight. It helps maximize your product value and appeal while cutting the transport costs and storage requirements.

But, how on earth you can achieve this result?

A professional custom packaging firm such as The Legacy Printing can help achieve your desired results. That too without costing you an arm and a leg. The US-based packaging company offers premium quality custom lash packaging at market competitive prices.

That said, packaging design is something that has remained the biggest investment for many businesses, quite simply because they want to be on the retail shelves of top stores and like to stand above the rest. However, the latest packaging techniques and equipment has enabled lash retailers to come up with an effective packaging design without blowing their budget.

All you need to do is simply get in touch with a reputable printing and packaging company, introduce yourself and tell them right away that you do not have a big budget to design exquisite custom printed lash boxes. The worst thing that they could say is no.

Partnering with the right packaging company will allow you to leverage their knowledge and experience, which is vital to attain success. Beyond this, the packaging material is another important thing to consider. Things such as durability, functionality, environmentally friendly, and cost are other factors that must be taken into account.

Here are four essential things you must bear in mind before designing your lash boxes.

Packaging Should Reflect Your Product

An effective custom lash packaging not only reflects the encased product but also communicates its market position and brand value. This means you need a brand-centric packaging to succeed. To achieve this objective, you need to think how your product packaging will grasp customers’ attention in the retail market, how it will offer value, ensure the safety of your product, and effectively highlight the features of the product.

Opt for Standard Lash Box Sizes

When you are selecting a size for your lash boxes, opt for the standard one. It can greatly decrease your production cost and give you greater flexibility, both on lorries and in the warehouse. The perfect size will take up less space and save your products from crushing or collapsing.

Target Your Ideal Customers

If you risk appealing everyone, you will end up impressing no one. So think judiciously and target your specific audience by designing a lash packaging that’ll appeal to them. Once you know who you are targeting it becomes easier to communicate with them at every step of the buying journey. From selecting a design to usage, storage and unboxing at home, you can determine how to sway your target audience with your lash boxes.

Design Your Packing for Travel

Consider how your lash box can safely deliver your products. Making allowance for distribution elements and protective packaging won’t increase your packaging cost, rather it adds value by reducing your damaging cost. Because it costs you more to replace damaged products than pay for suitable protective packaging right from the very beginning. And soon you will see the cost of damaged products will equate to the cost of protective lash boxes.


Always consider quality packaging an investment. Because it will make your customers believe they are purchasing something of value. Mind you, if the perceived value of your product is low based on how it looks, your target audience will not quickly buy your products.

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