4 Benefits of Installing Double Hung Windows in the House

4 Benefits of Installing Double Hung Windows in the House

Gone are the days when the windows were just used to peek out and add an extra layer of protection. The importance of windows cannot be neglected as they provide a variety of benefits to the homeowners. There has been a lot of technological advancements in the home remodeling and window industry and many new models and types have emerged in the past two decades. One of the most used and appreciated window types is the double hung windows. Double hung windows come with a variety of benefits and some of them are listed below:

Efficient Ventilation:

Even a layman knows that for effective ventilation, you need to have two opening in the room. One from which the musky air goes out and the other from where the fresh air enters the room. The larger rooms can easily ventilate due to the different opening but when a smaller room is in question, you are stuck with a stale air. Double hung windows can do wonders in the smaller rooms due to its innovative design. The dual-sash design of the windows will help you keep the room fresh. You only need to open both sashes of the windows to ventilate the room. The installation of double hung windows is very complicated and you need to take help from the affordable window installation companies in Arlington Heights IL when you need expert installation.

Energy Efficient:

In the past, the double hung windows were very expensive in terms of energy bills. The sashes and frames get warped so that the outdoor heat cannot pass through. With the advent in technology, the double-hung windows became more energy efficient and can easily contract and expand. With the help of a Low-E4 glass, you will get the windows that are energy efficient and can result in saving in the long run.

Low Maintenance:

If you are awry about the constant repainting and scraping off the windows, then double-hung windows are the thing for you. The vinyl frames can easily be cleaned with the help of a soft cloth and garden hose. This will remove all the dust and debris from the windows and restore its original beauty. Most of the double-hung windows come with factory-applied finishes that prevent the flaking and peeling. These finishes also help in the reduction of the water spots.

Custom Fit:

The double-hung windows can easily fit in any window opening. Whether you are making a new house or need to replace the old windows, the double-hung windows provide customization that you will love. This helps you switch the windows with ease and give you the freedom to play with different colors. You can easily match the windows with the external paint and the décor. This will also help you to avoid changing the window size every time you are planning to install new windows.

Double-hung windows are getting popular due to the above-mentioned benefits. All you need to do is to hire the best window replacement companies in Arlington Heights IL when you are planning to replace the old windows of the house.

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