4 Amazing Tools To Embed Twitter Widget On Website

4 Amazing Tools To Embed Twitter Widget On Website

For the curious and intellectual minds of today’s generation, Twitter is the go-to spot. It is a platform that tells you about the world’s developments and happenings. Whether a student, or a corporate employee,a marketer, a business or a brand, everyone from celebrities to influencers are increasing their social network on Twitter, engaging and communicating more with individuals around the world.

From just being a social media site, Twitter has outgrown itself. Every business, be it MSME or a well known firm, is using it for marketing purposes. If you are a brand and you maintain an active presence on social media, people on Twitter are probably talking about you. To display social evidence, imagine if you could embed those useful user generated content on your official business website. How interesting that sounds? Isn’t it !

That provides a perfect opportunity for brands on Twitter, to increase their social impact by transforming your monotonous website into a dynamic marketing platform. Incorporating Twitter feed widget on your company website is a perfect way to use Twitter to expand your brand.

This article will guide you through the top four social media tools that describe their specific characteristics making it easy for you to select the right tool to embed twitter widget on your website for your online marketing campaign.

Before that let us go through some of the profitable benefits of Embedding Twitter Widget on your website.

Benefits of Embedding Twitter Widget on the website

  • You can impact the audience beyond your existing customer base by showcasing your global acquaintance to the world.

  • Embedding twitter widget enhances website visuals and makes it a holistic platform where users can get access to all the company activities, announcements and future launches etc.

  • You can engage the website visitors free of charge via celebrity pictures along with the ordinary UGC.

  • Twitter widget builds a trusted and loyal user base.

  • In a Twitter-like sophisticated network, users can see your business as well as your recognition and can even spread sound word-of-mouth.

  • Gives credibility to your business, affecting the consumer’s buying decision process.

Best Tools to Embed Twitter Widget on Your Website

  1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator that fetch content from Twitter using hashtag, account and mention. It is an amazing and one of the most commonly used social media aggregator and embedding tools for Twitter. It’s easy to implement and incredibly responsive to use. It’s twitter widget enables you to embed Twitter feeds in real-time on your website and display them in a beautifully personalised way. The update time is super quick and the Twitter content created by the user is so engaging that users can not help but pause and respond to it.

With its FREE FOREVER plan, you can unlock various features that can uplight your website visuals. Customize your social wall and create creative content using layouts, themes, styles, color, banner and more. The advanced content moderation restricts the unwanted post and trolls from showing up on the website. Tagembed twitter widget is compatible with all the popular website creation platforms such as WIX, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, HTML and all. Tagembed has dedicated widgets for all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Airbnb, YouTube, Vimeo, etc to add their feeds on websites. All in all it is a feature-rich platform that fulfils all your website requirements to enhance the user browsing experience.

  1. Everwall

Everall is a simple and straightforward platform for creating a social wall on your brand website. While aggregating content from Twitter, you might come across posts that tend to create a wrong impact about you in the minds of the users. Everwall has a profanity filter that blocks inappropriate posts, messages. It makes it easy to manage your social wall. Everall lets you compile and display Twitter feeds widget in an interesting way on your website.

Feeds can be displayed using hashtags, mentions, searches, keywords etc. You can also collect public tweets with the same. By simply pasting the embed code created on Everwall, these aggregated feeds, later on, can be embedded into any website. Moderation feature ensures the safe and constructive content of the website.

  1. Juicer

Juicer is another media aggregator in the list. It is a Twitter aggregator and display tool that supports other Instagram, Facebook and several other social platforms too. It allows you to build, embed and display beautiful social walls on your website. Via hashtags, mentions, keywords and more, it fetches tweets and directly integrates them into your website.

It comes with incredible moderation features and predefined profanity filters that allow you to block particular content, keywords or users and help you preserve the consistency of your displayed Twitter feeds. It showcases real-time tweets on your brand website that will display the latest tweets as soon as they are uploaded on Twitter. The Twitter Hashtag Aggregator for Education, Events, Marketing Companies and E-Commerce offers you the option of 4 Twitter aggregators.

  1. Twitter Widget

Twitter widget allows you to embed your websites with timeline widgets to display Twitter feeds on your website. It gives you four Twitter widget choices, including user timeline, likes, lists and searches. You can even make use of any of these twitter widget to embed tweets from public profiles.

With the favourite twitter widget, tweets from a single user can be collected who has marked data as favourites. Tweets from public lists that you own and/or subscribe to are collected with the list widget and personalised search results in real time are shown with the search timeline widget. It can be a good option for showcasing some unique and engaging content on your business website.

Final Words

Twitter widget lends you a helping hand to stand out from your competitors. Audiences look for something unique with attractive and profitable features before making a firm buying decision. If satisfied, can turn out to be a loyal customer to your brand and will surely repeat their purchases in near future.

Not only this, a happy customer is the perfect form of marketing yourself. They might recommend your brand to their family and friends and this chain goes on. So. why not offer your website visitors, content of their interest and an awesome browsing experience. Embedding Twitter Widget provides all the aforementioned features at affordable prices.

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