3 Reasons To Think About Buying A Modular Home

3 Reasons To Think About Buying A Modular Home

Thousands of homebuyers are getting on board with more sustainable living and less materialistic lifestyle. The environment and our influence on it, has become a larger concern in many people’s minds. Building smaller, more eco-friendly housing using indoor construction is becoming a popular option.

The quick rise in popularity is largely because of the vast appeal of a prefabricated home. For younger buyers, it is a much more cost effective and green building option for those looking to save money and the environment. Millennials tend to be more interested in living within their means instead of becoming mortgage poor too early. For the largest ever senior population, modular homes offer reliable simplicity and simple design for retirees that are looking to downsize and simplify their lifestyles.

Modular homes have been around for many years and in the past have been believed to be a lower quality housing option. With the technology used today and the newer innovative designs, home buyers today are seeing the level of quality and precision that a modular home can now provide. There are many advantages to this rebounding trend.


Even with the cost of buying your own land and house separately with a modular build, you can still save up to 40% in costs as compared to a traditionally built home. The cost savings comes from the fast construction time, the use of precise materials with no construction waste and the lack of delays in construction.

Not only is the process quicker saving you on the costs of extended labour, but the amount of site disruption is minimal. Most of the construction is done in a elementally controlled warehouse and then shipped to your location mostly assembled. With the protected environment there is a reduced risk of damaged building materials that are stored out in the open.

The home market and its inflated prices are making people look for other options that are out there. With the economy uncertain around the world, no one wants to get in over their head with a big, unnecessary mortgage. Quality over quantity is the newest trend. Home buyers are looking for elegant, simple and sustainable housing more than ever before and there are some big benefits of considering a Prefabricated home.


Only the finest and strongest recycled materials are used in modular home construction. The framing of many prefab homes is made from reinforced steel, creating a powerful building frame. Most of the components are measured and specifically fitted together like puzzle pieces. The precise construction allows for tight seals all around the home.

Prefab homes often take advantage of simple and functional design. Although there are plans for homes of all sizes and shapes, your home will be determined by your budget and style. For those who are conscious of their carbon footprint, most modular homes are specifically designed to allow for sustainable living. Talk to your home builder about low-flow appliances and solar power options for your home.


We are now starting to see the impact that our humanity is making on our planet and green lifestyles are becoming more of a necessity than a trend. Home buyers are looking at more responsible options for their housing than ever before.

Right from the bare bones, a prefab home uses as much recycled materials in their construction as possible. The steel being used is all recycled and the lumber is free of any chemical treatments common in new home construction. Even the insulation that is used in the homes is a spray foam form of Polystyrene that is a non-toxic waterproof chemical.

The tight sealing sections of the home keep out any drafts and moisture allowing you to enjoy significantly lower heating and cooling costs. In many cases, a modular home can be designed to be off the power grid altogether with the use of solar power and water cisterns.

Regardless of how “green” you are looking to go, the construction process itself is much more responsible than a traditional build. There is very little site disruption, the onsite building time is very short and there is rarely a need to bring in diesel construction equipment that will pollute the site.

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