3 Reasons to Run a Background Check on Yourself

 3 Reasons to Run a Background Check on Yourself

Have you ever considered running a background check on yourself? In this day and age, when technology is highly advanced and everything is on the internet, now is the time. Go Look Up is a 100% free background check site that can do the job for you. It can look up background checks, email addresses, unclaimed money, arrest records, and much more. If you’re unsure about running the check, here’s every reason why you should.

What’s Included In My Background Check?

In a report, the data includes name, phone number, real estate records, employment history, address history, lawsuit filing records, birth, marriage, and divorce records, driving and criminal records, voter registration information, and occupational licenses information. If you’re not the best driver, unfortunately, the person who is ordering the background check will find out. Sorry!


What Happens When You Apply For A New Job?

When companies hire new employees, background checks are done to protect the company’s reputation as well as to ensure their employees are safe. It’s also done to confirm that candidates are telling the employer correct information about themselves. “A background check is a reliable way of verifying claims made by job seekers during the hiring process. With a tight employment market, the appeal of overstating educational qualifications or enhancing job histories, for example, can grow.” When you’re applying for that new job, be sure that everything on your resume checks out, because if it doesn’t, they’ll find out during your background check. Or, if you were in any legal trouble, it’s best for you to see it on your background check before your employers do, so that way you can be prepared in case it comes up in an interview.

Ensure All Your Information Is Correct

This is important, as you don’t want to have any inaccurate information when companies perform background checks on you. FlexJobs.com states that common mistakes could result if someone has a similar name, if a single criminal charge is listed multiple times, or if offenses are mislabeled—for example, a misdemeanor being marked as a felony. If you can catch these mistakes before someone else does, you won’t be caught off guard and can avoid an uncomfortable conversation. If there are multiple mistakes, take note so you can handle them all at once instead of individually.


Are You Dealing With a Stolen Identity?

If you’re noticing some strange charges on your credit card or may have lost your wallet, you may be at risk of someone stealing your identity. The first thing to do is call the police and make your bank aware of the theft so you can get it straightened out immediately. By doing a check yourself, you can make sure that your credit, educational, and social security information are all accurate. If your identity is stolen and the person who stole your identity is charged with a crime, you need to make sure that your name is in the clear and it won’t hurt you later on. Their credit information could also be listed as yours, so when you open up a new credit card or are looking to buy a house, you want to make sure that it’s your credit history and not someone else’s.

From applying to a new job, to making sure your information is accurate and ensuring no one has stolen your identity, running a background check on yourself is the best way to be on the right track for a successful future. Your check could impact your future jobs, your ability to buy a house, or clearing your name of inaccurate reports that could hurt you later on. By using GoLookUp, it won’t cost you a cent and you can walk into your future with confidence.

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