3 best Caribbean Island hopping destinations

3 best Caribbean Island hopping destinations

Vacation in the Caribbean is for most people a vacation from paradise. Warm weather, palm trees, sapphire waters and white sand are what made the Caribbean a paradise. It is not a surprise that the Caribbean Island hopping is a favorite activity for most people on vacation. However, the Caribbean has many individual Islands and selecting the best one for island hopping might prove to be a challenge.

The following destinations are among the best with regard to Island hopping in the Caribbean:

St. Kitts, Nevis, and Antigua

St Kitts Island is known for its beaches with white, gray and black sand, and its breathtaking rainforest. Views from Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park’s top are perfect for taking memorable panoramic photos. One of its must attractions is the last operational passenger train in the whole Caribbean. It has a beautiful 3-hour coastline route that is characterized by breathtaking views of sugarcane fields.

Nevis can be reached easily for about 45 minutes away by crossing over The Narrows. The island is one of the smallest and most charming islands on the Caribbean. It is perfect unspoiled and spotlight free destination for everyone who wants to relax. Although looking peacefully, Nevis is known for its tour to the Nevis Peak that is considered to be among the most challenging trails in the entire Caribbean.

Antigua is one the shining jewels of the Caribbean Islands. The island is known for its sandy beaches (365 white sand beaches) and it’s ringed with coral reefs. Since the sport is important in Antigua, you can enjoy numerous activities such as Antigua sailing week, fishing, or kitesurfing. If you just want to relax on the beach with your cocktail who would blame you, it’s your vacation.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent is a volcanic island, although the volcano La Soufrière is an active but safe volcano. The volcano is ideal for those who enjoy hiking and climbing. Besides usual lying on the beach, you can also enjoy in diving and snorkeling. One of the fantastic diving sites in St. Vincent is the Bat Cave and Anchor Reef. For nature lovers and enthusiasts a trip to the Mesopotamia Valley, Botanical Garden and St. Vincent’s Vermont Nature Trail is a must.

The Grenadines are islands that are the part of St. Vincent and Grenada. Only nine of the islands are inhabited by which Mustique is a private island.

Grenada is also known as a Spice Island because you can literally smell the nutmeg in the air. While in Grenada you can visit Clarke’s Court Sugar Factory which is the largest distillery. Don’t miss the Market Square where you can enjoy in a variety of colors, and smells from the tables full of fresh fruit, vegetables, and spices. You can’t come to Grenada and not to try the delicious nutmeg ice-cream or enjoy delicious cocoa tea.

The US and the British Virgin Islands

St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John are the three major US Virgin islands. St. Thomas is the home of the capital of the US Virgin Islands. It offers a variety of activities such as aerial tours, parasailing, and Jet Ski or you can go hiking in the Virgin Islands national park. St. Thomas is also famous for its extreme zip Line Park and breathtaking views of Magen’s Bay. Getting around between the US Virgin Islands is easy with ferries and water taxis.

The British Virgin Islands are considered to be a top destination for sailing. It is a volcanic archipelago that consists of 50 islands of which only 4 are the main ones. Island Tortola is the largest island followed by Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. If you want to see a true natural wonder then visit the Baths (Virgin Gorda) a beautiful beach area with colorful coves and granite boulders. Cane Garden Bay is the center of activity in Tortola where you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling or renting a boat. Anegada Island is known for its secluded beaches and this is a perfect destination for sailing from Tortola. When on Jost Van Dyke don’t miss the White Bay, where is the softest sand and the best parties.

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