13 Life Hacks For Saving Money On Liquor While Enjoying Your Night Out

13 Life Hacks For Saving Money On Liquor While Enjoying Your Night Out

Partying all night isn't expensive – alcoholic beverages are. But just because you’re in a pinch doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun night out filled with boozes and music with your family and friends.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with your colleagues and loved ones, or you just need some time out from a busy work week, this list will give you tips on how to stretch your dollar when drinking out.

1. Go for their house liquor

Opt for "well drinks" rather than "call drinks."

Well drinks are alcoholic beverages served using lower-cost liquors stored within the easy reach of the bartender in the counter "well" or "speed rail." They're often called the "house liquor." Call drinks, on the other hand, are ordered with a specific brand of liquor, which means they're more expensive.

House liquor, including house wine, house scotch, and house cocktails, is the most affordable option. If you're not a patron of a specific brand, you wouldn't tell the difference. If you like beer, the beer on tap or draft beer is better and cheaper than bottled imported beer.

2. Order simple drinks

Golden rule: The more complex your drink is, the more expensive it’ll be.

Ordering complicated drinks on a busy night when the bartender is occupied also isn’t a good idea – they might not have the time and patience to properly make your mixed drink. Chances are that your pricey drink won’t taste as good and may contain less alcohol, which is a bad deal.

If the bar is busy, better stick with something simple, like a classic rum coke or mojito.

3. Think pitchers and towers

If you’re going to treat friends out, it’s suggested to go for pitchers and towers for beers and cocktails. This is a lot more fun than buying individual beers or shots for everyone, which drains your hard-earned cash in just one gulp. It will also make you look like a boss.

4. Chug slowly

When you drink slowly, you can drink less. This is a win-win situation for you if you want to save on drinks by keeping your glass filled up all night while establishing a good conversation with your peers.

Another tip is to drink water after every alcoholic drink – this will give your liver a break and a less chance of waking up with a headache.

5. Don’t go on an empty stomach

If you don’t eat prior to drinking, you're likely to pig out the expensive way by ordering pricey bar food. You may also get drunk faster and will not make the most out of the night.

6. Don’t go on a full stomach either

If you eat too much, on the other hand, you might not be able to feel the effects of the alcohol, requiring you to order more.

The fix: eeat something light and cheap to curb the hunger. Look for restaurants nearby to fill you up while being able to feel the hint of the boozes.

7. Stay away from bars with a cover charge

Every restaurant, bar, or club should have a free admission – unless it’s one of those high-end establishments with excess demand or they’re featuring live entertainment or DJ.

But if you’re on a budget, you can have fun in bars that don’t charge a flat fee. You can have a nice glass of wine for the money you could be paying for the cover charge.

8. Pay with cash

The combination of a cashless form of payment, like a debit or a credit card, plus a tipsy, spontaneous self is never a good idea. When you’re sober enough in the morning to realize you’ve overspent, it’s too late.

To make sure you’re on top of what you’re spending all night, use cash. You should even set a budget beforehand and only pay for what you can afford.

9. Go to happy hour

If you have a curfew and, on a budget, happy hour is the best way to go.

Happy hour offers the best discounts on liquor, like beer, wine, cocktails, and shots - even on branded ones. Depending on the bar, happy hour can go into late hours. You can also get free Hors-d'oeuvres, appetizers and discounted menu items.

10. Party off-peak

Friday isn’t the only day in the calendar you can drink and be merry. You can schedule your parties mid-week where everything tends to be cheaper. You can also score a few drink promos for off-peak nights.

11. Take advantage of the deals

Keep an eye out on those wallet-friendly drinks promotions. A quick online check can land you to bars offering unlimited draft beers, bottomless cocktails, buy one take one special, and other exciting promos.

12. Pre-drink at home (or wherever)

If payday isn’t around the corner but you really want to go out drinking, it makes sense to start your night at home. Make sure your friends are willing too. Buy cheap liquor in the supermarket just to get a little boozed up before the night starts.

The idea is you won’t need to buy as many drinks while you’re out, which can often be five or six times the price.

13. Find an extremely fun and entertaining bar

Today, many bars are stepping up their game and offering more than just food and drinks. There are bars with fun activities and gimmicks, like games and live music performances and entertainment for fun-loving fellas like you and your friends.

A fun bar keeps you from devoting the whole night to drinking and spending more money while giving you the night you’ll definitely remember.

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