13 facts about EVA most of us didn't know

13 facts about EVA most of us didn't know

When it comes to enhancing the longevity of the solar panel, few products such as the EVA sheet is used. It can improve the life of a solar panel by 25 years. During the production process, the EVA sheet manufacturer in India makes sure to encapsulate the solar cells effectively for its prior protection. Still, the EVA sheets have many more benefits that most of us are unaware of today. This article enlists the facts and beliefs about EVA sheets that will surprise us.

It can handle adverse weather conditions

One of the most essential facts about EVA sheets is that it can protect the solar panel from the harsh weather conditions. This is because the layers are laminated on the surface. The area under that acts as a vacuum that aids in the process of protection.

The name EVA

The full name of EVA is derived as ethylene-vinyl acetate that has been called as a plastic combination of Vinyl acetate and ethylene. Initially, this material is extremely tough, that is an exciting combination of elasticity and softness.

It is used to coatings

Due to its plastic properties, it is also used for coating purposes. It adequately protects any product and let it shine as if it has been fresh all the time.

Waterproofing ability

Many individuals are not aware of this fact while purchasing a solar panel. The EVA material is critically 100% waterproof that protects against heavy rainfall.

Stress resistance

It is because of its elastic nature, EVA material can resist any damage. It is used as an insulation material for anything. It can also protect the content against any brutal conditions.

Rubber-like feature

Ethylene-vinyl acetate can become flexible and soft like rubber. It is usually called an elastomeric polymer that often shows a similar property. The substance itself is high-quality that can stretch like rubber.

Resistance to UV rays

It is because of the ability to be tough even in a stressful situation. The EVA can have other properties such as resistance to sunlight. It protects the material inside because of its features. This property is developed due to its ability to have low-temperature strength.

Non-toxic in nature

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is accepted around the world as one of the safest non-toxic plastic products. It is free from bisphenol and plasticizer that could have made it toxic. It is also free from PVC, phthalate, and BPA.

High durability

The material itself has many technical features that make it a better product for lamination. This property comes because of its rubbery quality. It ensures to become sturdy even in low temperatures.

Withstands recuperation and compression

This ability comes because of its resistance to stress or cracks. Since it's technically a rubber, it won't be destroyed just because compression applied from external sources.

Resistance to chemicals

It is highly resistant to chemicals such as alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, dilute alkalis, dilute acids, oil and grease.

Friction coefficient

One of the significant worries while dealing with EVA sheets is that the material inside it doesn't slip away. It might happen if low-quality content is used. In reality, it has the capability of keeping the substance inside sheets intact.

Low odor

This is considered to be one of the significant benefits of using EVA sheets. Without smell, we are not likely to face any migraine when we go near it.


Eva sheet for solar cells encapsulation is one of the best products than anything else. The product is the ability to perform well in any weather conditions. Other best features include UV-chemical-stress resistant, low odor, high durability, non-toxic in nature, and many more.

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