10 ways to save electricity at home

10 ways to save electricity at home

Whether you want to save on your electricity bills or you want to do something to save the environment it is important to know how to save electricity at home.

Maximize Daylight

Instead of switching on the lights of your house try to depend more on natural sources of light during the day open up those blinds and curtains and let the sunlight enter inside. if you still need to keep curtains closed choose light-colored ones that can embrace the incoming sunrays. If you are planning on building a new home then the benefits of a glass house will be excellent to save up on electricity.

Change light bulbs.

Instead of incandescent light bulbs use CFL or LED bulbs that release enough energy at less power. They might be expensive to buy but with their lower consumption of electricity they will help you save money in the long run. They last longer - and require less frequent replacements.

Together Time

You need to turn on the lights during evenings and nights but instead of lighting all the rooms try to gather together in a single room such as the living room and keep the lights of other rooms off. This way you will not only save electricity but will also spend some time with all the members of your family.

Unplug Electronic Appliances

Always unplug electronic appliances. Continue consuming some electricity even if you have turned their switch off.Make it a habit to unplug it after each use all your televisions, radio systems, computers, coffee makers, phone chargers, hair dryers and other appliances should be unplugged after use. You will definitely notice a decrease in your next bill. In todays time even washing machines are designed to save electricity so you can buy washing machine which uses less electricity.

Candle Lighting

Don't wait for a power break out to enjoy candle light dinner. Switch off the lights of your house at least once in a week and light your house with slow burning candles. Use candle light to read in the night or get used to activities that are more fun in darkness such as telling scary or funny stories to children playing hide-and-seek etc.

Outdoor Lighting

if you have outdoor lights in your lawn or driveway for security purposes do not let them stay on all night. Use automatic lights instead these lights will detect motion and warn you whenever there is some disturbance around your house. Also turn off your decorative lights while going to bed as no one is going to see them and appreciate after midnight.

Clothes Washing And Drying

Instead of drying your clothes in a dryer let them hand out in sunlight and dry naturally. Dryer is one of the major culprits that consume a lot of electricity. if it is a sunny day use the power of sunlight to let your clothes dry. Remember some light is available absolutely for free and your clothes will dry at no cost nor over we advise you to always wait to put the washing machine on when you have a full load and use the shortest cycle that will clean your clothes effectively. If you want to know more about washing machine technologies that can save your electricity and power consumption then you can go through the article.

Save Up While Cooking

Heating up your microwave oven consumes a lot of electricity. if you are baking gather all your baking jobs and do all of them at the same time instead of heating it up every other day.

Not Energy-Efficient Appliances

Replace the older electrical appliances of your house with newer energy-efficient models for a sustainable. Home manufacturers are now making energy-efficient models to save electricity older appliances consume more electricity is compared to the latest models. So if an appliance has become too old replace it with the star rated appliance instead of getting it repaired every now.

Make Your House Energy-Efficient

Use your air conditioner sparingly insulate your house open your windows to let fresh air circulate drink lots of water to stay cool and spend some time outside every day try to adjust with the natural room temperature and turn on the air conditioner only when the heat becomes intolerable

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