10 ways Integrate Motion into Your Website Design

10 ways Integrate Motion into Your Website Design

The integration of motion into your website design is basically the use of animation on your website to make it more attractive as well as lively. The use of a motion for web design continues to rise which is evident from the increasing popularity of the same. In this fierce market competition, it is important to make sure that your website is up to date so that the website simply stands out in the competition and to effectively do the same, integration of motion in the website would necessarily be the best choice in this regard. In addition to this, there are a number of reasons for doing so that are as listed below.

  • It attracts the attention of the viewers
  • It acts as a guide for you
  • Helps in keeping the visitors engaged for a long period of time
  • Helps in increasing user interactions
  • Motion creates an emotional attachment with the visitors
  • Provides an overall improvement of the website experience for the users

So, now you know how important it is to integrate motion into the website design and here we have listed ten easy ways of doing so.

  1. Navigation

It is the most commonly used way for integrating motion into the website. The web designers make use of hidden navigation which makes sure that the website is smooth to use where the users only click on the icons and they are directed to the next page.

2. Logo Manipulation

This is another of the very simple way of adding motion to the website. The movement, as well as the differing logos, are helpful in attracting the attention of the viewers. Rotating, expanding, transforming as well as reappearing logos are quite simple for creation but they make a huge amount of difference to the website.

3. Progression

It becomes quite frustrating for the visitors if the pages take a long time to load and decreasing the loading time might be extremely difficult. So, the use of progression animations can be of great help in this regard. This is not only easy but also effective and this progression motion works well by distracting the visitors during the loading time.

4. Kinetic Typography

This is nothing but moving text. The design, as well as the movement of the text, are just ideal for invoking certain feelings or attitudes thereby creating attraction among the visitors.

5. Skeleton Screens

Skeleton screens are very effective for users to interact with the website. These are basically empty sectioned pages where information is gradually entered or can be added immediately as well. If you wish to get better results, the motion should be used at the time when information is being loaded on the web page.

6. Hovering Effects

Another very simple way to add motion to the website is to add a hover effect. This occurs at the time when the pointer of a mouse gets transformed into something on the page. This effect can be quite charming for the visitors of the website.

7. Transition Without Any Hard Cuts

Transition on a website needs to perfectly smooth and at the same time, it should also act as an indication of the change in state. By default, hard cuts are included here which might cause some difficulties. These are too quick which can frustrate the users. Thus motion techniques are the best solutions in this regard where the visitors can click a link which leads to a different section while still remaining on the same page.

8. Animated Map Marker

A lot of companies feature a map link to their physical business address on their website. Thus, simply dropping an animated marker on the map is an extremely effective way to make the website lively.

9. Using Visual Feedback

Taking feedback from customers is common for all businesses. But making use of visual feedback would not only be an easy way of integrating motion into the website but also would connect with the users in a better way.

10. Animated Documentaries

Making use of some interesting animated documentaries would be ideal to integrate motion into the website. It is quite engaging and quite a creative way of bringing life to the website.

The use of the ten above mentioned ways will necessarily make sure that you are easily able to integrate motion into your website design.

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