10 Incredible Places To Hangout In Delhi For Students

10 Incredible Places To Hangout In Delhi For Students

It should come as no surprise that there are several places to hangout in Delhi for students since the city is home to a large student population. Hangout joints are a vital part of college life and are among those things that make college life not just easier but memorable as well. So if you’re traveling to Delhi anytime soon, do make sure to check out some of these hip hangout places in Delhi for students.

Popular hangout places to visit in Delhi with friends:

You will find several food joints in Delhi frequented by college students on a daily basis. Plenty of these places are incredibly affordable and are, in fact, good places to visit in Delhi with family as well. Travel to the city on last minute flights booked with Indian Eagle travel agency in case you don’t have time to book flights in advance. Visit some of these awesome tourist places to hangout in Delhi on your trip.

1. Big Yellow Door

With its upbeat interiors and mouthwatering menu, Big Yellow Door embodies the very spirit of student life. One of the most fun things to do in Delhi is to visit this awesome eatery. There are urban symbols and cartoon characters on one of the walls here and you will find something new on it each time you visit. A useful tip is to make reservations beforehand as there’s always a long queue of hungry customers here.

2. Life Passion Karma

This is not just a student favorite but is also among the best places to hangout in Delhi for the general young crowd. The Hookah is a must-try here as is the incredibly savory food both of which make this one of the best places to visit in Delhi for fun. Even if you’re a young entrepreneur arriving in the city on business class flights for work, make time to visit Life Passion Karma at least once

3. QD’s

One of the most popular places to hangout in Delhi for students, QD’s has branches in both North and South campuses. The menu is tailor-made to student tastes with the restaurant serving both North Indian as well as Chinese Cuisines. While the food may be a bit costlier here, it is well worth the money. Their Tandoori Momos are absolutely delicious and a must-try giving new meaning to Indo-Chinese fusion cuisine.

4. 34 Chowringhee Lane

This special place comes to the rescue of the sizeable Bengali student crowd in Delhi who miss food from home. Reminding youngsters of their home back in Kolkata, 34 Chowringhee Lane serves delicious Kathi rolls, vegetable curries, chicken and mutton keema, paneer, as well as egg and aloo rolls among other things. Apart from the food itself, affordability is what makes this one of the best places to hangout in Delhi.

5. Rico’s

Offering great food, vibrant interiors, and the quickest service ever, Rico’s is a great place to hangout in Delhi. While it may be a relatively expensive place when compared to other eateries in Delhi, the food is well worth the money. Order their famous chicken stroganoff, delicious pastas, and black forest waffle among other dishes. If visiting in a group, you can order their massive pitcher of refreshing and lip-smacking Iced Tea.

6. Vada Pav Junction

There is no better place than Vada Pav Junction to taste the iconic and delicious street food item of Mumbai. The place has successfully managed to bring the signature dish of Mumbai to Delhi and is among the best places to hangout in Delhi for students. They offer a myriad variety of this dish including Maggie Pav and Sweet Chocolate Pav. This is also among the cheapest hangout places in Delhi.

7. Amar Colony Market

An epic food center, you will get anything and everything from Idlis and Dosas to Shawarmas and Chaat items here. Replete with countless food stalls offering pocket-friendly dishes, Amar Colony Market is a paradise for foodies. This is among the best places to hangout in Delhi for not just students but locals in general. There is never a dull moment here and expect a sizeable crowd regardless of when you visit.

8. Indian Coffee House

A place frequented by school and college going kids to youngsters and adults, Indian Coffee House is among the most popular places to hangout in Delhi. Offering affordable and delicious food, the place offers you the chance to unwind and hangout with friends. Service is quick and the ambiance tranquil here. Visit if only to take a break from everyday busy life and modern conundrums.

9. Jughead’s

The personification of Pop Tate’s for students in Delhi, Jughead’s is among the most remarkable places to hangout in Delhi. Offering low-priced but quality food, generous portions, a chilled-out ambiance, and excellent service, Jughead’s is a must-visit when in Delhi. The food and service are so impeccable that the lack of infrastructure is hardly noticeable. Their non-vegetarian Thali is an absolute must-try.

10. Mithas

For vegetarians arriving in the city on cheap flights, Mithas is one of the best places to hangout in Delhi. The place is famous for its vegetarian dishes and Indian desserts and is frequented daily by students from Gargi and Kamla Nehru College among others. With a cool ambiance, the place is quite affordable perpetually offering student discounts. Popular dishes to try include veggie supreme pizza and honey chili potato.

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