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iPhones and iPads have spread all around the world very fast and commencement of applications running on iOS has enhanced the power of mobile...

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Cross Platform App Development

The strategies of businesses have completely changed in this mobile world and having a mobile application is a vital need. A mobile application is more important than a website to attain a huge cluster of audience, because there are more mobile users in comparison of PC users. As numerous platforms for mobiles exist, expenditure of having unique and native applications and maintaining those is rising and to shorten it, going for a cross platform application is the paramount solution. A cross platform mobile application is allowed to be published on different platforms reducing necessitate of unique applications and cutting the cost as well.

Some of the benefits of cross platform mobile application are

  • Amplified and improved reach to huge target audience
  • Easy marketing on various media
  • Easy to handle one application than many
  • Uniform design and appearance on every platform
  • Condensed cost of development
  • Reduce development and long-term maintenance cost
  • Cross platform technologies lower the technical barriers

Professional developers at D-Amies have expertise in developing cross platform apps running on different platforms including android, blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and windows. D-Amies is a well known company, proficient in cross platform development. There is a pool of connoisseur developers here to turn your thoughts into real time applications.

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