Difference b/w Front-end & Back-end Development

The IT industry has been opening wide platforms for the web developers as they are responsible for building & maintaining websites and managing on web market. The web developers are the people, responsible for coding, designing, building, analyzing, testing, and maintaining websites.

E-commerce website development services have become the prominent component for on-web businesses to stay competitive. But the development of website isn’t an easy thing because it requires support of front-end as well as back-end developers. Role of both the developers is important and dependent. So, let’s talk about its basic differences and check which job match suits your skills:

Front-end development

Front end is a section that user interacts with. Everything that looks attractive while visiting around the web including colors to font size to websites’ design is part of front-end. it can be online shopping, reading a newspaper or viewing a mail. It is a combination of CSS, HTML and JavaScript languages which are being controlled by web browser. It also uses Jquery but these are a few tools you need to learn & use tons of things including responsive designs, typography, grid systems, layout, and color theory.

Front end development is focused on client side development that includes analyzing the code, design & debugging applications because front end developers are responsible for the interactive look & users’ comfort and design. Being a front end developer you should focus on creating & redesigning websites. Database functionalities of back-end services will not be a part of front-end.

Back-end development

There are much more than designing and building a website because when the user wants to buy product or utilize any service then your site will have to store details regarding your websites and its content.

Back end development is server side development where the main focus is, how sites work? Back end development consists three parts including server, application & database. The code written in back end has been used to communicate the database information. Back-end developers are known as programmers and web developers. Many back-end developers are familiar with front-end HTML, CSS & JavaScript languages PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, .net etc. for back end development. Sites responsiveness and speed are the main factors of back end.  These languages are used to build dynamic sites as these are used to store database. Content on the sites is constantly changing & updating. For example Facebook, Twitter, Google maps etc.

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