Cost of Developing a Flower Delivery Mobile App

Android app development companies are growing, morning day and night. The application for anything is a new trend. So when people think of developing an app the best ground is Flower Delivery app. Because in today’s scenario people love to surprise at times when things are not available. Needless to say that the use of any flower delivery app is essential and worth paying for development.

So here are some tips for developing a Flower Delivery app. Let’s take a look at the panel, how should it look like?

Login: Users register in the app with the help of their email id or phone number, they can even log in with the credentials of their social networking sites for exploring the best quality flowers.

Listed Flowers: Once user login they can look through the wide range of flowers from which they can choose their favorite flowers.

Filters: Filters help the user to choose from a particular genre and to limit the price range within their comfort zone. They can apply different filters to different categories, for example, the color of the flower, the origin of the flower, types of the bouquet and many more.

Place an order: User can place the order, check the estimated time for delivery and see the total amount of cash needed to be paid.

Cashless Payment: The payment plays a major part in the process of the success of any application. A user love to be cashless and home delivery. So make possible to provide a gateway for your application for taking payments from different places like Debit/ credit card, PayTM, Mobiquick and many more.

Order History: Order history is a good way for users to keep a tab on their purchase and money spent on flowers per month. If they liked some particular flower they can order it again and even making a copy to be sent to some other destination.

Track Order: When you are waiting for something and you cannot do anything about that, at that point all you are willing to do is to track where your order is? So live order tracking device should help the user to keep them occupied.

Social Media Integration: It is a must for any app available on earth nowadays to be integrated with Facebook for self-promotion and other help.

The money required for all these features in your application is not even much which is between $500 to $800 which is actually a decent amount to be paid.

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