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Why People Prefer Android Over IOS

Different companies have been developing smart phones using their registered operating systems. Like IOS is registered with only Apple and on the other side android app development services is registered with multiple smart phone manufacturing companies and it makes the difference. Scope of IOS platform is limited to Apple and it also abides the user with many barriers. While, on the other side, Android offer a vast platform to develop multiple apps and smart phones to meet your daily needs in the simplest & easy way. Even you will find a variety of options to perform multiple tasks. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Android over IOS, have a look:

Variety of options

Android platform isn’t limited to a few numbers of devices and apps like IOS. When you select Android you will have features more than just a phone wide screen, high mega pixel camera, and multiple apps to make everyday task easy and different brands offering variety of smart phones.

While on other side iPhone provide you limited choices and you will not find high mega pixel cameras. The camera, screen and hardware are similar.

Cost to fit your needs

A wide variety of devices on multiple brands defines that Android has to offer you many features on limited budget. Android offers a true smart phone experience to anyone by providing mobile devices on affordable budget.


You can customize Android phone’s layout and many things more according to your requirements. if you want to change screen wallpaper, keyboard layout and custom ROM then you can. It is even possible to have Windows theme on Android but iPhone has restrictions to any modification. Apple don’t provide flexibility as some of the brands are offering complex customizations on widgets and other tools.


Apple facilitates the user with multitasking at a time you can run different apps and attempt different tasks. But Android is something extra ordinary, for example you can view multiple windows at a time on Android while Apple’s multi-tasking feature is limited to tablets only.

Free apps

You can’t ignore the fact that there are more free apps for Android than the iOS. On play store, there are multiple apps that are completely free but the same apps on Android are titled with price tag.

Except these features you can see the difference on Google now, Google integration, and more. But  you need to select the one which meets your requirements and decide what features attract you to specific platform.

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Popular Number Apps to Measure & Calculate Different Things

Online Market is filled with different professional android application development companies that are representing several mobile applications. These apps have gained popularity in specific fields. Recently a survey mentioned top 100 applications that include the famous names of music apps, photo editing apps, communication apps, Evernote apps, social media apps like Facebook, message & chatting apps like WhatsApp, tinder, etc. But have you realized, it just become a trend, and there is nothing new. You are not serving yourself with the new ideas, and you can download some unique & amazing apps that you haven’t come across. These apps will serve you with new breath-taking ideas, go and let’s check out the list:

Pacer, for the fitness enthusiast
If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have been through some fitness applications. Pacer is a free pedometer alternative to the fitness apps. You don’t need to wear any accessory or gadget to record your workout. You simply need to keep it in your hand, pocket, purse or jacket and it will record all the steps, calorie, active time, distance, etc. it will also check the blood pressure, weight, and BMI. It can record whether you are sweating in the gym or just enjoying a walk. Pacer will sync all the current data and integrate it with My Fitness Pal to keep you updated with your weight loss plan. It also integrates with GPS and voice command, so you use it through voice command and track your outdoor running.

Photomath is the smartest number app. It helps the student to solve a mathematical problem in a click. You just need to click a picture of the problem, and it will show you step by step solutions to your problem. It solves many problems related to arithmetic, logarithmic, decimal and soon they will add trigonometry and derivatives too.

Zoho free invoice generator
For any small business and industry, you need to send invoices time to time. This app will calculate, tax, payments, and discounts.

Planet matrix
This gamification app combines all the elements of number, puzzles, pattern and games. It can be a fantastic app for the starters, who were just using popular apps only. This app contains tricky puzzles that help to stimulate the brain and the games are visually attractive and fun to play. It is unique because you will not find any mathematical puzzle game.

These mobile apps have been ranked top in more than 100 countries and continue to gain more popularity.

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Some Popular Platforms for Building DIY Mobile Apps

Building mobile apps for business, websites, blogs, products & services have become a trend for online marketing. But the substantial investment of money in the mobile app development company can put you in the troubling situation that how you will be able to enter the mobile market. We have a solution, you no longer need massive investments to build the mobile apps, there are many mobile platforms available to help you create and manage mobile apps.

iPhone Apps

Here we are listing name of the platforms which will help you create mobile sites and mobile apps to make your business mobile responsive: is used to build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows-based cell phones. It is a cloud-based mobile app builder which access Apache Cordova with access to inbuilt components. It gets started quickly because there’s no downloading and installing hacks since it is based on cloud technique. It builds a user interface using visual editor’s drag and drops component.

It is used to connect any Rest API to use it in your app. You can also use cloud database and its backend to your app if you require data to store.

Mobile Roadie

You can create and manage any Android and iOS app using Mobile Roadie App builder. It includes all media types like Twitter and Google news keywords, automatic importing of RSS and an auto-refreshing fan wall through which users can chat with each other in real time. You can connect your app and take a preview through free Mobile Roadie Connect app. You can pull any content to your site or blog and push content in your app quickly. The app is a language questionnaire, and you can add & pull data in many formats including PHP, CSV, JSON, HTML, XML, etc.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is also a cloud based DIY Mobile app builder. One can create an app without any programming knowledge in Android, iOS and Windows platform. Since it is cloud-based, there’s nothing to download and install. You need to drag and drop pages to create app simply.

App Machine

It is used to design and build professional apps for both Android and iOS platforms. You can combine different features & interfaces like images, video, social links like Facebook, Twitter, etc. using simple drag and drop buttons.


AppMkr is a DIY app; anyone can build HTML, Android and iOS apps without any programming skills. You can create and update many apps and combine features like live updates, music sharing, push notification, high-resolution images, chat rooms, etc.

As much as technology is spreading things are becoming more convenient and approachable in few clicks. App building is an essential part of your business, products & services and it became more feasible and convenient through such apps.

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Keep the Mobile Checkout Process Easy and Better

The ways we shop has changed and we are no longer exploring supermarket and waiting in the line to pay for goods. Internet has altered this way and nowadays, we are shopping by using our mobiles. The business holders have an opportunity to make their brands popular worldwide by availing custom web design services. Most people go online as they do not want to wait for hours in the line of the supermarket. If a business owner does not want to make them frustrated while shopping online, he or she should try to make checkout process easier. A few suggestions are mentioned below which can be followed for this.custom web design servicesIf a person has arrived at the checkout page, it means he or she has crossed all the difficulties. It also requires faith to insert the important details such credit card number. Therefore, once he or she arrives at the checkout page, this process should be as easy as possible. There should not be any annoying advertisements or one must not ask them to opt for weekly newsletters. According to one of the best website designing companies, this kind of advertisement can make customers lose their focus as they are using handheld designing companiesThe business holders must ask the agency to keep the checkout optimized while availing custom web design services. They should ask it to keep only required fields as unnecessary things can make users frustrated. They can also avoid asking users to sign up on the checkout page because filling the profile information by using Smartphone will not be easy for every user. They should also keep telling customers about how many pages have remained to complete purchase. The best option to use in this page is to keep few fields requiring the main information and a big checkout button.

Well, if a business holder wants to keep mobile checkout process easy, he or she can follow above mentioned suggestions.

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