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How to Use Your Android Phone’s Info from Google to Your Desktop

We are considering that you know how to handle a Smartphone or a desktop. There are several features that state that smart phones are better and some describe desktops are even convenient to handle. For example, you can carry Android mobile phone anywhere and but desktops aren’t easy to carry wherever you go. On the other side, it’s very easy and simple to type using the desktop keyboard but it’s quite difficult to type using smart phone’s tiny and virtual screen. Both types of devices are used in their certain criteria. Android app development services are offering ease of accessibility to the entire users.

When you are using the desktop there’s no need to check out your phone to create notes, for navigation & direction, to set alarm etc. You just need to use the browser you are already working in. You can grab and access your entire mobile’s data from Google to your Desktop. Let’s have a look, how:

Once connect your device to the Google and get all of the information stored on your phone. It can happen by using Android’s Action Cards built into the search bar. Once your phone connected to the Google you’ll be able to send notes, set alarms, track your device, back up data, send directions and more with some quick searches.

Connect your Android Smartphone to Google

You need an updated Google app on your phone to take benefits of Android Action Cards. Turn on the notification on the Google app. Switch to the Google app and click on the menu and then settings. Use toggle button of show notification and show cards. You can also toggle on both the web and app activity of the Google.

Send direction to your phone

After linking the phone to the Google, by simply searching on the browser, you can get direction or track your device. You can make a search through Chrome browser and push information to the cell phone. Type in and send directly to find your device’s location.

Send a note & more

You can simply send a web page detail, a list of items, or a note by typing on This way, you will get a notification on your phone with the note content.

Except this, you can simply set an alarm or remainder using Android mobile app development’s features. You can simply tap on android device manager and Google operating system as bonus points.


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Popular Number Apps to Measure & Calculate Different Things

Online Market is filled with different professional android application development companies that are representing several mobile applications. These apps have gained popularity in specific fields. Recently a survey mentioned top 100 applications that include the famous names of music apps, photo editing apps, communication apps, Evernote apps, social media apps like Facebook, message & chatting apps like WhatsApp, tinder, etc. But have you realized, it just become a trend, and there is nothing new. You are not serving yourself with the new ideas, and you can download some unique & amazing apps that you haven’t come across. These apps will serve you with new breath-taking ideas, go and let’s check out the list:

Pacer, for the fitness enthusiast
If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have been through some fitness applications. Pacer is a free pedometer alternative to the fitness apps. You don’t need to wear any accessory or gadget to record your workout. You simply need to keep it in your hand, pocket, purse or jacket and it will record all the steps, calorie, active time, distance, etc. it will also check the blood pressure, weight, and BMI. It can record whether you are sweating in the gym or just enjoying a walk. Pacer will sync all the current data and integrate it with My Fitness Pal to keep you updated with your weight loss plan. It also integrates with GPS and voice command, so you use it through voice command and track your outdoor running.

Photomath is the smartest number app. It helps the student to solve a mathematical problem in a click. You just need to click a picture of the problem, and it will show you step by step solutions to your problem. It solves many problems related to arithmetic, logarithmic, decimal and soon they will add trigonometry and derivatives too.

Zoho free invoice generator
For any small business and industry, you need to send invoices time to time. This app will calculate, tax, payments, and discounts.

Planet matrix
This gamification app combines all the elements of number, puzzles, pattern and games. It can be a fantastic app for the starters, who were just using popular apps only. This app contains tricky puzzles that help to stimulate the brain and the games are visually attractive and fun to play. It is unique because you will not find any mathematical puzzle game.

These mobile apps have been ranked top in more than 100 countries and continue to gain more popularity.

Android Development

Android application development companies Should Follow All Design Guidelines

follow-the-guidelinesMobile applications are on boost because of the trend of smart phones these days. People across the world use different types of phones and many applications, and prefer using apps instead of mobile website. Apps are used over different operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android and others, but Android is the most demanded among these. As many Android application development companies are making it easy to get your own app easily, it opens several career opportunities for developers as well. But, there are many things to be followed by new developers to achieve perfection.

androidscreenOne of the basic things to take care of includes following all the design guidelines of Android. Every smart and intelligent developer should follow the entire list of guidelines, offered by Google. Still there are several developers who opt not to follow the rules and guidelines, but it results in bad user experience and makes everything difficult for the users. The main benefit of following the guidelines is improved user experience. It allows them to understand the working of your app intuitively. Other than this, all the new and existing users will also love using the application. Every android application development company must take care of this while the design and development process.

1The basic objective of defining and designing the guidelines were to maintain consistency among all the application, so that the entire Android operating system can appear as a unit.  There are many elements, used among different applications for some common usage, but they way the guidelines are followed creates the difference. Navigational drawer is one of such elements used commonly in many applications. This UI element is commonly used by android mobile app developers in some perfectly designed apps, and following the offering guidelines allows users to have a great experience.

So, as Android mobile application development is in huge demand these days, the developers must take proper care while development phases to follow all the guidelines listed by Google.