Best Websites to Learn Web Development

When thinking about a career, the most booming industry with the sanctity like no one else is the web development industry. This is the industry for which you don’t even have to go through a formal pattern of learning and enrolling for semesters of studies. If you have the fire, and if you possess the passion to be a shining star in your field, all you have to do is to stand up and make your first move. And believe it or not, best web development companies are waiting to pick up lads with unnatural talent.

There are a lot of websites where you can learn to work over a web development and excel with some simple processes. Let us list the website for a better perspective:


The website allows you to start from the beginner’s level and provides you tutorials to learn basic web development. With the series of tests, you can challenge your own learning. It creates an in-browser, self-contained development environment where a user can be an apprentice of the basic structures of front-end code which can be referred as HTML and CSS, prior to learning the back-end languages like Ruby on Rails and Python.

Khan Academy

A website with the best learning courses in any field you want. The web development section of the website is so good that no one can overlook the curriculum and the teaching pattern. It contains a vast range of self-guided tutorials, with audio/video guidance provided by the experts on the precise topic, it has an interactive on-screen windows show, the code, and output the results which are very helpful during the narration.

MIT OpenCourseWare

On this website, you can find an abundance of self-guided Course from one of the greatest institutes of United States of America, MIT. The program of the website, MIT OpenCourseWare, provides you with an incredible number of topics to be learned and expertise in, including courses related to development, mathematics, programming, and computer engineering.


When we talk about MIT, the resources are limited to one university but Coursera is a website which allows you to go and take a leap in hundreds of different courses from the top universities around the globe for free. Each course has its own timeline and a slight change in the format. The courses offered are programming, development and computer science.

These are a few websites which are amazing in their own ways and if you want you can plunge into the depths of web development with the help of these websites.

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