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Some Popular Platforms for Building DIY Mobile Apps

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Building mobile apps for business, websites, blogs, products & services have become a trend for online marketing. But the substantial investment of money in the mobile app development company can put you in the troubling situation that how you will be able to enter the mobile market. We have a solution, you no longer need massive investments to build the mobile apps, there are many mobile platforms available to help you create and manage mobile apps.

iPhone Apps

Here we are listing name of the platforms which will help you create mobile sites and mobile apps to make your business mobile responsive: is used to build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows-based cell phones. It is a cloud-based mobile app builder which access Apache Cordova with access to inbuilt components. It gets started quickly because there’s no downloading and installing hacks since it is based on cloud technique. It builds a user interface using visual editor’s drag and drops component.

It is used to connect any Rest API to use it in your app. You can also use cloud database and its backend to your app if you require data to store.

Mobile Roadie

You can create and manage any Android and iOS app using Mobile Roadie App builder. It includes all media types like Twitter and Google news keywords, automatic importing of RSS and an auto-refreshing fan wall through which users can chat with each other in real time. You can connect your app and take a preview through free Mobile Roadie Connect app. You can pull any content to your site or blog and push content in your app quickly. The app is a language questionnaire, and you can add & pull data in many formats including PHP, CSV, JSON, HTML, XML, etc.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is also a cloud based DIY Mobile app builder. One can create an app without any programming knowledge in Android, iOS and Windows platform. Since it is cloud-based, there’s nothing to download and install. You need to drag and drop pages to create app simply.

App Machine

It is used to design and build professional apps for both Android and iOS platforms. You can combine different features & interfaces like images, video, social links like Facebook, Twitter, etc. using simple drag and drop buttons.


AppMkr is a DIY app; anyone can build HTML, Android and iOS apps without any programming skills. You can create and update many apps and combine features like live updates, music sharing, push notification, high-resolution images, chat rooms, etc.

As much as technology is spreading things are becoming more convenient and approachable in few clicks. App building is an essential part of your business, products & services and it became more feasible and convenient through such apps.

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Best Joomla Extensions and Plugins for Web Developers

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It’s an opportunity time to take a look at some of the most popular Joomla extensions and see how they perform. We are presenting Joomla extensions and plugins for web developers, which will help you in initial phases of a designing project. It can make your website feature rich and improve powerful customization. We have gathered all from the web.


Asynchronous google analytics

This plugin helps you add features in google analytics to Joomla website you own. It allows both of universal Google Analytics and Asynchronous Google Analytics.

Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup fills a specific task of backing up and restoring your Joomla website. It is the most widely used open-source backup component. It is also distributed under a freemium mode. The backup core version is available for free or with subscription charges you will get Akeeba Backup professional. It is easy to install. Backing-up is just as simple just click the blue button on control panel.

R Antispam

It is the only Joomla antispam extension for Kunena forums that uses a Bayesian algorithm. it means it is helpful in spam recognition and It can be adapted to prevent spam in other directions.

Community builder

It is a flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. It has a huge user base and a great future. There are many community-oriented packages out there, it has different approaches to introducing elements of community site management into a site. There are some drawbacks to community builder, for example: installing it not a simple process, a total of four packages have to be installed with a number of configurations.


It is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible smiles, ACL, BBC Code and Avatars support. Working on this release take eight months extra, all this effort was put to make the component more stable, and usable. Considered time was allocated for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extension.


It is the set of custom code extensions for Joomla. 1.0.X, 1.5.X, and 1.6.X in their native modes.


The website administrator would like to have it, but it has too many complexities that are tough to manage. It’s not just the layout problem, you need to get the right size of the video, bandwidth issue, make sure the video has a player with which to view. ALLVideos enable you to tag the video whether they are posted or hosted locally on YouTube or other. It also enables you to set the default parameter for the video.

Except these, there are many helpful plugins and modules which will use to feature your website.

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Best JavaScript Minifying Tool for The Developers

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Minifying is a technique of removing unnecessary characters from the source code to make it look simple and sleek. The technique is known as minification and code compression.

JavaScript minifying is a tool which compresses the content into smaller tracks. However, the user loses reliability in reading content but conserve the bandwidth. JavaScript is intended mainly for the web browser not for the user. Professional web development services and web developers get amazing benefits from the JavaScript minifying tools in consideration to execute distinct tasks successfully.

Most production websites use JavaScript minifying tools from simple online converters, comprehensive GUI tools and command line interfaces, there are varied options for it.

Here we will present the best JavaScript tools which will help you to remove unwanted white space, comments, new line characters etc. in this process the source code will become confusion free. It improves website performance and its load time.


How minification works?

The fine way to check out what happens with the code when you minify it, have a look at the Uglify.JS Github Repository. Following are the transformations performed to make the code shorter:

  • Removes unnecessary white space
  • Use single character to shorten the variable names
  • Converts arrays into objects (where possible)
  • Joins consecutive var declaration
  • Optimize if statement
  • Calculate simple constant expression etc.

Java minification tools

These tools can be categorized into 3 categories:

  1. Online tools- it is a matter of pasting the code and copying result immediately. The nice thing about the online tools is its speed with which you can work.
  • is a powerful tool with an API.
  • Online YUI compressor- it is a powerful tool which also uses YUI compressor with lots of CSS minification capabilities to make the code neat.
  • is no frill minifier.
  • is a simple but usable option.
  1. GUI tools- it contains a lot of functionality, JS minification is just a small part of what they do.
  • Koala is a free tool for Less compilation, SAAS compilation, JS minification etc.
  • Code-kit is a Mac-only app is a paid app that offers code compilation, minification, package management, a preview server and much more.
  • Smaller is an OS X tool which minifies files for you.

Here I have mentioned two types of GUI.

  1. Command line tools- these are also more comprehensive and offering minification as a module.
  • Minify it is a minifying tool for those developers who want to minify JS from the command line.
  • Uglify.js
  • Gulp- as another minifying tool gulp has JS minification using Uglify.js, which will quickly remove unnecessary content.

Gulp and Grunt are easy through their documentation. The upside of command tools is an awesome amount of flexibility.

These are certain JavaScript minifying tools, if you are new to JavaScript then I suggest you use GUI tools. All tools have their pros and cons you can try any in your project.

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SASS/ SCSS Mixins : A StyleSheet Language

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The cascading style sheet (CSS) is a simple and straightforward language used commonly in website development services. It is reliable for the small websites with a minimum length of code but when it comes to giant websites with so much code then it will become typical to handle the code. We will get lost with which code we need to stay or overwrite.

SAAS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet) is a style sheet language that is interpreted into CSS. SAAS is a scripting language itself. The official implementation of SAAS is open-source and coded in ruby. The other implementations also exist including high-performance implementation in C called libSaas and PHP.

Mixins allow you to group CSS instructions in reusable classes and embed all properties of a class into another one by simply using the class name as one of the property. It’s like variables for the whole classes. The mixins also allow the reusable chunks that will help us to avoid writing repetitive code.

  • The SAAS Mixin facilitate as a super power for CSS.
  • SAAS is the stable, mature and powerful framework of professional CSS extension language in the world. Some points about SAAS mixin:
  • SAAS is completely compatible with all versions of CSS. We have taken this compatibility seriously to ensure you that you can use any available CSS libraries.
  • There are several numbers of frameworks built with SAAS. COMPASS and Susy are few names.
  • It has a large community. It is actively supported and developed by a large consortium of web technical companies & hundreds of web development companies.
  • A special common thing about it, that SAAS has been actively supported by its team.

SAAS boasts various features and capabilities in comparison with another CSS extension languages out there.



SAAS scripting language consists two syntaxes, one is intended syntax which is used to separate the code blocks and newline characters to isolate rules. The new syntax Scss uses block formatting like CSS. The braces are used to denote code blocks and the semicolon used to separate line within the code block. The indented syntax and scss files are given the .saas & .scss extensions respectively. The indented syntax is a meta language while SCSS is nested metalanguage

SAAS extends the mechanism of CSS using traditional methods that are present in object-oriented programming. When SAAS is interpreted it creates CSS blocks for a variety of selectors explained by the SAAS file. The SAAS interpreter translates SaasScript into CSS. As an option, SAAS can monitor the .saas & .scss files and whenever the .saas & .scss files are saved, it translates into an output .css file.

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Why A Web Designer Needs to Understand Web Development Concepts?

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Implementation of a website requires proper communication between designers and developers because they both are two essential parts of an object. There’s no need for a developer to understand the typography and for a designer to know about JavaScript, but there are some basic points that they need to talk about:


Front-end code behavior

Designers are supposed to have front-end skills along with designing. If a professional web designer is comfortable with only doing visual design work, then let it be. However, a designer can facilitate a web developer by providing more intuitive services using front-end technologies. Three fundamental languages of front-end development should be understood by every designer i.e. HTML, CSS, JS. If the designer is having the knowledge of front-end development, when he will design a dropdown menu he will handle the complexities implementing via code.

A designer who is aware of JavaScript elements, will be prepared to understand what developers want to build. CSS is used to style up the website. CSS is used to create a majority of visuals on the page and it’s most static from CSS visuals. The dynamic features are associated with JavaSc4ript.

Responsive technique

It is a designing technique which allows all websites to adapt all screen sizes of different layouts, either it is of mobile or of a desktop. When a new layout is applied, device dimensions are introduced by breakpoints, added in one of the CSS files. A certain pixel width defines the breakpoints at which the minimum or maximum length of layouts adapts to fit that specific screen size. A responsive design layout looks different on the desktop screen or on the mobile screens.

As a designer, you must be tasked with various designs each fitting into different screens.

Implement modular designs

Modular designs used to describe a method of creating websites through reusing modules. Think buttons, form inputs, heading styles, or blockquotes with fancy styling.

Developers always want to reuse the code as much as possible. This technique makes the code less wordy and reduces the size of a file. It also became the code optimization technique.

If elements are designed using modules, it became easier for the developers to implement the layout with CSS classes. It’s a good technique to think where you can reuse the same colors, textures, buttons etc. it reduces complexity and makes the code simple if you comment the copied code.

Understand accessibility

Progressive enhancement begins with basic features then works with advanced features. Graceful upgradation is fully reverse approach is designed with all main features then the developer will decide how to handle these features without JavaScript and CSS support.

These both approaches used to handle accessibility problem. Every user will not be on the devices or run browsers that can access all dynamic features of a website.

I skipped some topics you can also have a look on retina images, JavaScript animations, version control, error handling etc. these features will help professional web designers to understand the requirement of a website development company.

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Responsive Web Design “The Future Of Growing Digital Era”

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In the growing age of digitization not only Pc’s, mobile but also every digital gadget like tablets, digital watches etc. are adapting the responsive design technologies.

Well, we are not unaware of the increasingly growing internet usage over the last few years. According to Morgan stanley report, mobile usage is expected to match desktop usage in upcoming years. Even with this compelling clue, the vast majority of business websites are still not mobile friendly. It’s the grand business opportunity that your clients and users can browse your website with any device like mobile, pc, tablets etc.So make it understand that how Responsive Designs are different from mobile templates.

The basic differences are –

Mobile templates require you to have completely one another mobile-website or a subdomain. mobile templates are website specific not built to fit each screen sizes.

Instead of this, Responsive designs are built for only one website that is fit to adapt all screen sizes.

According to recent search there are many unquestionable reasons for the mobiles to adapt responsive web design.

Hike in mobile usage

It need not to be proven that mobile usage is increasing with a boom. 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices. The usage of mobile devices continues to grow, even on the globe 80% mobile users are browsing from smart phones more than the pc or system users. Every time user visits your website and if responses are slower, than it is becoming a business opportunity to your competitor. So the websites should be more mobile friendly.

Trends of online shopping

Online shopping is taking a place of addiction to every consumer. How convenient it is to shop from anywhere? Do you getting the meaning of anywhere? yes whether you are travelling, watching tv, sitting on a sofa comfortably, and looking for your favorites. If your services aren’t user friendly then you are missing an opportunity to participate in a competition of digital marketing.

Actively participating in social media marketing or blogging

Social media marketing users are increasingly browsing and sharing links from smartphone devices. More than 55% internet users are browsing and sharing links of social media, Facebook, Google plus, tweeter, and different apps from mobile devices that is increasing data traffic. Get responsive, if you want to Plan a social media marketing strategy and advantage sharing.

Positive and better user experience

For providing a better user experience to your websites, no more wait to load an entire website, no more scrolling, zooming to see the content of the site. Responsive web design improves brand perception, and boost website conversions.

In future adapt to multiple device sizes

Everyone want to browse from anywhere, and it’s not necessary to have systems at each places. So making your device to fit on every size of screen. Like every gadget get responsive to all web designs. We are not only talking about today, think about the future technologies google glass, smart watches or many other devices to browse internet. Responsive design and development will work for them.

Further it is useful in improving SEO ranking, to make one site easier to manage and increase r.o.i and many more.

So what are you waiting for, go and get responsive.

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Have a Perfect Business Model Prior Hiring Quality SEO Services

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Internet has been accepted throughout the world in such a quick way that everyone is looking to come online. Businesses have come online and started trading over web itself these days, and in such a competitive time just having a website is not enough. Many web development companies in India allow having a website quickly, but to spread it among the target audience requires applying quality SEO services. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is meant for bringing convertible traffic to the website through search engines. But, you must also go for some added technologies to get traffic from wider sources. There are several things to be considered even before applying SEO and one of those is to check the business model fully.


Business model is the most important thing to be considered for a successful campaign, because it calculates several numbers including the number of visitors, the number of conversions, amount of investment, the percentage of profit and many other things. These all things play vital role in determining the overall success of any marketing campaign, and these must be considered to calculate prior applying any kind of quality or ethical SEO services. As it has become highly competitive there in the market, it is not easy to survive profitably. The business has to go with a sound business model before preceding any kind of service or techniques like SEO.


First you must check and consider the amount of traffic the website receiving currently. There are several websites and online tools, offering such type of data. You can use Google Analytics to check your current traffic volume. Other than that, you must also be aware about the percentage of traffic getting converted, so that you can set some goals. Also you must know the estimated budget range, so that you can manage the expenses accordingly. It is because there are several paid options available for marketing, which will surely attract you. But, an affordable SEO services company can mange everything perfectly in your budget.

Business must make it sure that their estimated revenue is more than the expenses. You can go for any kind of campaign according to any expert SEO company, but you must be sure and aware about the numbers and figures to measure the process and get desired results as well. Search engine optimization is not a magic, but based on several numbers and proper strategy. So, design a business model carefully and convince yourself with the figures and numbers before hiring any company or individual. Several companies are offering quality SEO services nowadays and if you are good with your data, you can work with any of them.

For more SEO related tips visit our blog.

Want to learn SEO techniques? Join our SEO training course now.

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Android application development companies Should Follow All Design Guidelines

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follow-the-guidelinesMobile applications are on boost because of the trend of smart phones these days. People across the world use different types of phones and many applications, and prefer using apps instead of mobile website. Apps are used over different operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android and others, but Android is the most demanded among these. As many Android application development companies are making it easy to get your own app easily, it opens several career opportunities for developers as well. But, there are many things to be followed by new developers to achieve perfection.

androidscreenOne of the basic things to take care of includes following all the design guidelines of Android. Every smart and intelligent developer should follow the entire list of guidelines, offered by Google. Still there are several developers who opt not to follow the rules and guidelines, but it results in bad user experience and makes everything difficult for the users. The main benefit of following the guidelines is improved user experience. It allows them to understand the working of your app intuitively. Other than this, all the new and existing users will also love using the application. Every android application development company must take care of this while the design and development process.

1The basic objective of defining and designing the guidelines were to maintain consistency among all the application, so that the entire Android operating system can appear as a unit.  There are many elements, used among different applications for some common usage, but they way the guidelines are followed creates the difference. Navigational drawer is one of such elements used commonly in many applications. This UI element is commonly used by android mobile app developers in some perfectly designed apps, and following the offering guidelines allows users to have a great experience.

So, as Android mobile application development is in huge demand these days, the developers must take proper care while development phases to follow all the guidelines listed by Google.

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Join SEO Training in Jaipur to Get an Easy Job

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SEO Training in Jaipur

Getting a job in such a competitive environment around is not a cup of tea for everyone. Although there are several companies, but they work only with skilled and talented employees. Only having a graduation or post graduation degree is not enough to get a job in today’s scenario. While talking about Jaipur, a very few companies give job to fresher students and those too demand for some extraordinary skill other than degree. There are several technologies available but SEO training in Jaipur is the most demanded medium to learn new skills and get job. Several graduates join SEO training company in Jaipur nowadays to get a job in internet marketing field, because there are many vacancies available for this field.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a process of improving ranks of any particular website in Google and other search engine result pages. It is a part of internet marketing which consists of SEO, SMO and PPC, and works for unpaid results in search engine result page. It is the process of improving search engine result positions of set of keywords/key-Phrases for particular website in particular search engine. SEO training in Jaipur is easily available nowadays, where students are allowed to work in a professional environment and learn new skills.

The reason behind the increasing craze of SEO training in Jaipur is that the technology is very easy to understand and learn. Unlike other courses, SEO course generally gets completed in 30 days and trainees get enough knowledge to get a job in this duration. Other than this, joining this training doesn’t ask for special qualities but good communication skills. It allows graduates to gain some added technical skills to stand out of crowd and get a designated position in reputed company.

There are several SEO training companies in Jaipur, and one of those can be found at D Amies Technologies.

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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Design Company

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Selecting a web design company is an important decision as you entrust your whole business to them. Most small businesses handle everything from designing to SEO to a single company. In such a case, it becomes all the more important to hire creative and efficient multitasker company. So, here is a list of top questions to ask web design companies before hiring one for your business:

  • What Are Your Core Services? 

servicesThe company that can handle everything from planning to designing and marketing is the best company to hire for your whole project.

  • What Are Your Qualifications And Credentials? 

do_you_qualifyThe web design company you’re entrusting your website project should be respected and trustworthy professionals, thus it is important to check out their qualifications and credentials before hiring one.

  • How Will You Ensure Proper Execution Of My Project?

StratExecGraphicEnsure to get everything from employing in-house team to following code standards in writing before choosing to hire any company.

  • How Do You Measure The Results?

resultAlways keep in mind to check out how the company measures the results when it comes to Page one Google ranking, higher repeat traffic, conversions, lower bounce rate, etc. A professional and expert company should be able to address all these requirements.

  • Can You Show Me Your Past And Current Work Samples?

portfolio_logo_thumb_w_580Experienced companies should readily share their work links or portfolio that demonstrates their capabilities clearly. Evaluating their work portfolio can help you to evaluate their skills and their working style.

  • Which Designing, Publishing And Content Platforms And Technologies Will You Use To Create And Maintain My Site?

092208_2236_PeopleProce1_1The company should be competent to describe about all the key designing, publishing and contents scheduling tools, provide the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and explain which one they will use as per your needs and budget.